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Funny vent toy for plucking beards with tweezers

Funny vent toy for plucking beards with tweezers

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  • Description
  • Stress and Anxiety- It’s a bit fascinating to pull out the beards of this toy one by one. It can be seen as a hit with a compulsive acne remover, curling iron or eyelash extension. Pulling out his little hairs/blackheads is very addictive. You'll end up with a happy but weird-looking little keychain toy as a souvenir.
  • Birthday Gift or White Elephant Gift- If you are looking for a Christmas gift or a gag gift or something for a white elephant gift exchange, this little toy is a real winner. It was all so fun and weird, eliciting all kinds of confused looks and laughs. It's also a little gross, which makes it all the weirder and funnier.
  • Pendant- After the "blackhead" is pulled out, the surface of the blackhead toy becomes very smooth and cute. It comes with a hanging buckle and can be used as a keychain, bag decoration, or desktop decoration. Tips for car decorations, birthday gifts, etc.: After receiving the toy, do not pinch the blackhead area with your hands, as this will make the blackhead surface disappear.
  • Product- Packaging: 1×blackhead toy; 1×tweezers ①Do not squeeze or pinch the blackhead area, as this will make the blackhead disappear. ②Since blackheads are imported manually, the number and length of blackheads may vary. ③Some hairs are easy to pull out, and some are very hard. They bring you different experiences.

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