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Pimple-squeezing water spray stress relief toy

Pimple-squeezing water spray stress relief toy

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Game Rules: This is a family game for 2 or more players. Play one-on-one and take turns "popping" the pimple. The player who pops a giant zit is eliminated and the other player is declared the winner. Add more players to the pimple popping competition. You earn points for every pimple you "pop" without having to pop a super pimple. The player with the highest score is the champion!

How to play: First, put all the squishy pimples into Pimple Pete's face, then fill the super pimple plunger with water. How carefully can you twist and "pop" each fleshy pimple without upsetting Pimple Pete. Some pimples are easy to pull out, while others require extra careful twisting and manipulation. If you pull any zit too hard, you risk triggering a super zit on his nose - and the zit juice will squirt all over you!

This toy is a hilarious, easy-to-play game for kids ages 5 and up. How many pimples can you “pop” without popping a super pimple?
Fun for the whole family: Bring the Spin Master game to your next gathering with family and friends. Perfect event for unforgettable game nights, birthdays, dinner parties, holidays, holiday and stocking stuffers, and any time you want to have fun!

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